Fresh Lemon Leaf Wreath

Fresh Lemon Leaf Wreath


This is a gorgeous wreath!  The pictures don't do it justice. It is made from fresh lemon leaf, which has been hand-painted with gold and pearl accents.  Includes a green velvet ribbon for hanging. With proper care, the wreath should last well into the winter season.  Fresh wreaths make great holiday gifts. 


The wreath is approximately 18-20" in diameter.  



  • Wreath Care

    Hang or display your wreath indoors away from direct sunlight and heat sources, or outside in a protected area where the wreath is not exposed to extreme elements like rain, snow, sleet, hail, humidity.


    The leaves may curl or fade slightly as they dry over time, but this does not detract from the appearance. In fact, we believe it adds character. Once dried, our fresh wreaths are intended to last 6 months or longer.


    When the holiday season is over, you can remove the golden leaves if you want a less formal look.  

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