Large Market Bag

Large Market Bag


A perfect vintage-styled basket bag designed to take to the market, the beach, or any other outing!  The soft flat leather straps fit perfectly over the shoulder.  


This bag measures approximately 23" wide by 14" tall, with 14" handles.

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    Thanks to Jeanne Beatrice, we can offer you these beautiful basket bags.  The baskets are hand-woven by families in small villages in Morocco.  Each takes between 3 to 8 hours to weave, depending on the size and style. They are woven out of renewable resources, including water reeds and date palm leaves, which grow abundantly in the region. The leather is treated using an all-natural process (either dyed, oiled, or painted). After the basket bags are woven, the leather is sewn on by hand.  Each is unique and some variations may exist due to the fact that they are hand-made. 


    Basket bags are sturdy, strong, and flexible. If properly cared for, it will last a lifetime.  Dawnel has used some of her basket bags regularly for about 15 years - and still gets complements when she is out and about!  If your basket bag needs to be reshaped, which is sometimes necessary after shipping, get it wet, put something heavy in it to hold the shape you want, and let it dry. It is okay to get your basket bag wet! If the basket gets dirty, just use a little gentle soap and water and scrub gently.  If the leather gets dirty, wipe with plain water or a gentle leather soap. Be sure to let your basket bag dry thoroughly after it gets wet to prevent mold - in the sun is ideal.  


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